Bag love: Shop tasker på nettet

Bag love: Shop tasker på nettet
Af: Lise Ulrich, 11. november 2008
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  • Elysia
    Before I was a SAHM, I worked as a patumaceraichl rep for Johnson Johnson. As they have one of the largest corporate fleets in the U.S., they take safe driving very seriously. Being on the road so much drastically increased my chance of being in a fatal accident. So every 18 months, we had to take a Safe Driving course taught by former race car drivers. One of the exercises we did was driving a very simple obstacle course twice: once without a cell and once taking and texting. The difference was astounding. None of us made it through the second time without hitting at least one cone. I know this backs up the data you shared, but I think everyone thinks they are better than the other person at distracted driving, and that exercise proved to the thirty of us in that class that we aren't. It really made an impact on me.The data that we were shown during those driving classes said that texting while driving is just as bad as drinking and driving when it comes down to the impact it has on your reflexes and reaction time. That is a strong message, because people who would never dream of getting behind the wheel drinking have no problem texting behind it. So I think it should be approached in a similar way. The MADD campaign was very effective on educating people about the consequences of drunk driving, so perhaps a similar approach with texting and distracted driving. I think people need to see and hear more about this data and the people affected by it in a more personal way. You have an excellent platform here for a good starting point! Also, I know there are programs that can download to cell phones where it will auto respond when you are driving with a text letting people know they are driving and can't answer. It automatically activates when your engine starts, so I think that would help for those that want to be better behind the wheel, but lack the discipline. Anyway, sorry, wow. This is obviously a hot button for me, too!VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait...
    Besked - 25. jul - 2012

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